St. Joseph Parish had its annual Parish Picnic on September 17. We had great weather and lots of fun and good food. Everyone enjoyed parish fellowship and the children enjoyed a water slide, a barrel train, basketball, GaGa ball and frozen treats.

March for Life is selling Krispy Kreme donuts, coffee, and gift certificates! Contact Lila Stuhlsatz/Jamie Lange/Tonya Stuhlsatz or any youth pilgrim to make your order! Order now through Oct. 9th  and delivered on Oct. 19th! 


There are so many who volunteer time, talent and treasure. Naming a few here who show their stewardship by volunteering to mow the cemetery. 

Pictured:  Bill Rausch, Paul Winter, Tony Ternes, Don Rausch, Jason May, Trevor May, Dave Ebenkamp, Douglas Winter, John Winter, Shane Gerber, Craig Kibbe, Scott Friess, Doug Koester Not pictured:  Kent Gerber, Shawn Gerber, Matt Gerber, Mike Knee, Mark Winter Past mowers:  Brett Martin, Kenny Andra

The twice annual 10 cent sale started in the late 70's early 80's and has continued it successful mission as a Doffing family tradition. With the help of a few volunteers this Mission Rummage Sale has helped local families and the community with affordable clothing. The money raised has been donated to so many missions throughout the years including Fr. Ternes mission in the Philippines, Birthline, CYM, Rachel's Vineyard, etc. The school children enjoy coming over to shop with their bag full of dimes and always find great treasures! The annual sale is held in September and April. 

Many came out and enjoyed a fun filled day at the annual parish picnic! Click Read More to view some pictures from the day! 

For the return of our children to the practice of the Catholic Faith will meet Wednesdays at 5:00 pm. Praying of the Rosary, Parents’ Litany and The Way of the Cross.