The 4th graders got invited to take a tour of the new MKC Co-op on 160 Highway and K-49.  The students learned how the co-op worked and got a tour of the facility.  It was a great experience for them! Thank you to the parents who drove and to the staff of MKC who gave the tour and gave them a treat! 


The school celebrated All Saint's Day by dressing up as their favorite patron saints! 

To celebrate October, the month of the Rosary, the classes created videos to show the Joyful Mysteries. The 4th graders did a great job acting out the Finding in the Temple!


  Looking forward to the 2017-2018 school year! You will be availabe to find our weekly newsletters , websites we use in the classroom and notes sent home.  I hope you find this website useful! I will be updating it weekly!