September 11-15th, 2017

Language Arts:

*Rhymes: Sing a Song of Sixpence, Little Arabella Stiller

*Skill: Letters and Sounds for I, J, K, L, M


-rhyming, clapping out/blending syllables 


- God Creates the Animals

Prayers to Practice:

*Sign of the Cross

*Grace Before Meals

*Angel of God

*Glory Be

Social Science:

- Studies Weekly: Follow the Rules

- Identifying parts of the human body: shoulder, elbow, wrist, knee, ankle, heel, shin, forehead, chin, cheek, waist, hip, abdomen, chest, and buttocks


-Comparing numbers 0-5

-One More

-Problem Solving

-We will have a homework sheet come home every night EXCEPT Friday. Please have your child complete and bring back the next day.

Sight Words:

  • see
  • we
  • a
  • to

*Test Friday*

Star Student:

 Colton Cox