The Mission Rummage Sale is held on April 17th and 18th. Donation items can be dropped off Monday, April 16th. The 10 cent sale is a popular one! Fill a bag on the last day until noon. Circle 2 is needed to help and any volunteers are needed and appreciated. 

No PSR this Wed. April 18th. Enjoy the St. Joseph concert at 7pm, CSHS. 

The Quilt Bingo was a success! Hand quilted beautiful quilts made by Altar Society members. Thank you to everyone involved for the great day had by many local and out of town attendees! 

Photo credit by Melanie Dawson Cox (daughter of Rovella Erker)

No PSR TONGIHT March 28th due to Holy Week. Have a blessed Easter! 

With Parker Uniforms closing their doors this winter, the Wichita Diocese looked at over a dozen uniformcompanies across the country. After hearing presentations, they have recommended the selection of Schoolbelles School Uniforms, based on the value and quality of their product. Schoolbelles is a third-generation family business that has served the Midwest for over 60 years. They are opening a retail store in Wichita this  summer, but you can already go to their website, When you arrive, enter in our school code in the upper left corner:  S2826. Then only the items for our St. Joseph dress code will be displayed. There are many items you can order on the site, including backpacks and shoes, but the only items that must be purchased through Schoolbelles are the skirts and jumpers. (These jumpers and skirts unfortunately will not be viewable on our St. Joseph page until later next week.) Girls will still be allowed to wear their Parker jumpers and skirts. Please contact our school with any questions you have.