Each time you collect BOX TOPS, they will send us a check to use for our school.  Last year's check was over $900.    

Thank you Jordan Hollis for taking care of this for us.

Each time you collect Labels for Education, we order sports equipment. In the past we've ordered basketballs, kick-balls, bases, volleyballs and nets. It really helps! Thank you.

List of participating sponsors: pdf Labels for Education participating sponsors07202015.pdf (1.50 MB)
Please return to the school office.

We have now joined the Dillons Community Rewards Program.
Click on this link to begin sharing with our school:
 Dillons Community Rewards

You will need to re-enroll every January!

Our ID is: 10270

We are participating in the Tyson Project A+ program. This is a fund-raising program sponsored by Tyson Foods, Inc. Through this program we can raise up to $12,000 for our school and we can use it towards supplies, building improvements, school programs, etc. This is an easy way to raise much needed funds by sending in your Tyson Project A+ labels from products you already buy.

How you can participate: clip and collect

Tyson Project A+ labels from participating Tyson® product packages and send them to school with your child. Tyson Foods will send our school a check for the labels we collect. Each label is worth 24 cents! Feel free to contact the school office if you have any questions.