Typing practice-students can log-in from this at home


Moby Max-we use this website in school for Math, Reading, and Language.  A good place to also practice fact fluency. 



It's hard to believe we have already been in school for 3 weeks! We have been doing lots of fun learning in 4th grade! Yesterday we had the chance to attend the Kansas State Fair.  We toured the agricultural side.  We got to tour the birthing center, the barn and see all the farm animals, and we got to eat some tasty fair food! :) Look for more exciting things happening in 4th grade! 


We have started counting down the number days left in school with our student of the day balloons! In each balloon is a student's name and each morning we pop the balloon.  Whose ever name is in the balloon gets to be our student of the day! When they are student of the day they get to sit at a special place, eat lunch with the teacher and two friends, be first all day, and pick the recess games for the day! The kids are excited to see who gets to be the student of the day each day! It's been a fun way to round out the year.  It's hard to believe we are only down to 14 days of school left! It's been a great year! 

*4th grade will be taking their field trip next Tuesday, May 7th to the Hutchison Zoo and Strataca Salt Mines.  Look for pictures to come! 


We rounded out Catholic School's Week with ice cream to go along with our reading skill this week.  We studied main ideas and supporting details.  The cone being the main idea and the ice cream scoops being the supporting details.  It was enjoyed by all! 

We are off to an adventurous week here at St. Joseph Catholic School! We kicked off Catholic School's Week with Adventure Day! The students will be participating in an obstacle course to end out this great day! 

In 4th grade students get a chance to silently read for 10-15 minutes a day.  We utilize this time very well! They got to read next to a "fake" burning fire last week.  The students enjoyed it very much! Happy reading! 


*We are gearing up for Catholic Schools Week! It will be next week, January 27-February 1! There are lots of fun activities planned! Look for pictures! 

The 4th grade dramatized the Ten Commandments for the Kindergarten, First, and Second grade last week! It was fun time for all! 


The 4th grade took a field trip to Hutchison, Kansas on May 10th.  We visited the Hutchison Zoo in the morning and then headed to Strataca Salt Rock Museum.  We had a great time! Thank you to our drivers for taking us on this wonderful field trip! 


In honor of our patron saint, Saint Joseph the Worker, we did a service project helping the elderly out.  We cleaned up limbs, leaves, and helped clean out flower beds.  The students were great sports about helping out! They never complained! What a great bunch of kids our school is blessed with!

The 4th grade wrapped up their Biology Unit last month.  We finished up the unit by doing a research project over endangered species in their habitats.  After students looked up information on their species they got the opportunity to present their information in a power point, diorama, poster, trifold, etc.  The students did an EXCELLENT job! We have now started our Physical unit in Science. 

The year is quickly coming to an end and we have lots of fun, exciting things taking place! We will be working on our state reports in the next weeks! Check back for more exciting things happening in 4th grade! :) 




The upstairs classrooms just got 20 new Chromebooks to share this week! We are so excited to get to use them in the classroom! We have the PTO to thank for these along with the Mies family! They will be used to do research, Moby Max, take AR tests, and many more fun, exciting things! 




The 4th grade has been researching a famous Kansan for the past couple of weeks and today they got the chance to share what they found in our first ever living museum! The kids did a wonderful job and thank you to the parents for your help with this project! We couldn't have done it without you! 

To wrap up Catholic Schools Week the students got the opportunity to dress up as what they think God is calling them to be! We had a couple of doctors, pharmcists, vets, baseball player, animator, soldiers, cop, singer, IT guy, mom, co-op worker, and a teacher! We had a wide variety of occupations! We will wrap up the day with a pep rally, the students are excited!! We have had a great Catholic Schools Week! We will wrap up the week with an Open House after 10:30 mass on Sunday. 

Students got the opportunity to dress up representing their favorite decade! Tomorrow the students will get to eat lunch with their grandparents, tour classrooms, and say a rosary together.  Thursday students will get to play games with their adoptive buddies and Friday students will get to dress up as their vocation that God is calling them to be.  We will round out Catholic Schools Week with a mass on Sunday at 10:30, where students will do the mass parts and then an Open House with donuts and juice!  Check back for more pictures! 

Here is the video we made for Miracle Monday! We hope you enjoy!

In fourth grade this week we have been discussing main ideas and supporting details.  We used the ice cream cone as a visual.  The cone being the main idea and the scoops being the supporting details.  So today the students got an ice cream cone as a treat! It was a nice treat to end the week! We are looking forward to celebrating Catholic Schools Week next week! 

The 4th graders were welcomed back by two new additions to our classroom!! The students have been asking for a classroom all semester and their wants were met with two new guinea pigs! The students names them Hairy and Butterscotch! We are excited for this new adventure in our classroom! :) 



The 4th graders got invited to take a tour of the new MKC Co-op on 160 Highway and K-49.  The students learned how the co-op worked and got a tour of the facility.  It was a great experience for them! Thank you to the parents who drove and to the staff of MKC who gave the tour and gave them a treat! 


The school celebrated All Saint's Day by dressing up as their favorite patron saints! 

To celebrate October, the month of the Rosary, the classes created videos to show the Joyful Mysteries. The 4th graders did a great job acting out the Finding in the Temple!