September brings cooler temperatures AND classroom procedures that have been practiced and polished!  Whew!  We are now ready to work hard!

Religion will focus on the parts of the mass.  This is one of my favorite lessons to teach.  We look at each part and break it down, discussing the spiritual significance of many of the traditions of the Church.  

Math - If you haven't noticed, we begin with chapter 2.  We start with mulitiplication and division before moving on to harder 5th grade Math.  I encourage students to get on Moby Max at home to practice facts (the link is below).

Reading - By the end of the month we will move to our novel studies!  Our first book will be Frindle.  The kids enjoy this very much!  

Spelling - My 5th grade Spelling unit is a little different than what you have seen in the past.  All students get the same pretest, but according to how they do on that, they receive a differentiated spelling list to study for the week.  This allows kids to study words that are beneficial to their learning style.  They will be tested on those words only.

Science - the universe and all its beauty

Social Science - We will be studying Native Americans, their culture, and their contribution to the beginning of the United States of America.  We will also discuss September 11 and the Constitution of the US on Sept. 17.


AR HOMECONNECT - use your student's AR password - use your student's password.  They may use this to review fact fluency.