We are 100 days smarter! The students brought in 100 of an item on our 100th day of school celebration. We had 100 snacks, made silly hats, did 100 jumping jacks, wrote 100 words, and so much more!


The kindergarten had a lot of fun during Catholic Schools week. We even had a few baby goats visit.

Here is some of the fun we have been having in Kindergarten. First day of school, making buses to eat, eating cupcakes for Mary's birthday, and making scarecrows with high schoolers.


March 25-29, 2019
Language Arts:

*Pronouns: they, it, I

Stories: A Tiger Grows Up, Leo the Late Bloomer, What Can a Baby Animal Do?


*Changing the beginning sound of words (example: can-man)

*Segmenting Words

*Middle Sounds


*Stations of the Cross

*St. Ursula

Prayers to Practice:

*Sign of the Cross

*Grace Before Meals

*Angel of God

*Glory Be

Social Science:

*Consumers and Producers

*Wants and Needs

*Push and Pull


*Position Words

*Number Bonds and Decomposing Numbers                            


*Monday, April 1st: March Book-Its due

*We will not have anymore sight word lists. If your child has passed all sight word lists 1-22, they will receive a Master List. Once they have a master list, they will be tested on ALL sight words each Friday. Once they pass the Master List 3 different times, they get to go to the ice cream party in May.


Thank you for all you do!