January 14-18, 2019
Language Arts:

*Continue to practice letter recognition and their sounds

*Sentence Parts: Capitalization and Punctuation

Stories: What Do You Do With a Tail Like This?, A Zebra's World, Poems


*Onset and Rime

*Segmenting Words

*Ending Sounds


*Jesus Lives God's Love

*St. Olga

Prayers to Practice:

*Sign of the Cross

*Grace Before Meals

*Angel of God

*Glory Be

Social Science:

*Good Citizens

*Describing and Comparing Foam Blocks

*Identifying objects as soft or hard, smooth or rough


*Use objects to subtract

*Chapter 6 Test Weds.

*Compose and Decompose Numbers 11-19

  Sight Words: 

he    when    away    some                                  


-Monday, January 14th: PTO Meeting at 7:00 PM

-Friday, January 18th: $1 donation to Drexel fund for jeans and red shirt


-Bring back completed School Mall booklet this week for a prize while they last.

Thank you for all you do!

Here is some of the fun we have been having in Kindergarten. First day of school, making buses to eat, eating cupcakes for Mary's birthday, and making scarecrows with high schoolers.