-May 6th-10th: Teacher Appreciation Week

-Thursday, May 9th: Kindergarten bake sale (a note is coming home Monday)

-Friday, May 10th: Beach Day

Kindergarten grouped up and researched different animals. The 4th grade helped them research on the computers. Here are the posters their groups made with all the information they learned. They worked so hard and did an amazing job!


The students had the opportunity to go learn how pizza is made and Gambino's. Then they got to make their own pizza!



We are 100 days smarter! The students brought in 100 of an item on our 100th day of school celebration. We had 100 snacks, made silly hats, did 100 jumping jacks, wrote 100 words, and so much more!


The kindergarten had a lot of fun during Catholic Schools week. We even had a few baby goats visit.

Here is some of the fun we have been having in Kindergarten. First day of school, making buses to eat, eating cupcakes for Mary's birthday, and making scarecrows with high schoolers.